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About Helikx
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The School was started to address the needs of Children who were alienated from main stream education, due to learning disabilities, which affected their growth and general behaviour. The children required special attention to improve their reading, writing and comprehension skills. Helikx Special Learning School started creating awareness about learning disability and related issues. We spoke about problems like Dyslexia, ADHD, so that anxious parents understood the special needs of their children. We developed designs and solutions to teach children with learning disabilities, adopted individual education plans, selected appropriate teaching methods and aligned the right teachers, This effort over the last 10 years has resulted in 520 children passing out from our school to become high achievers. Our endeavour here continuous to provide hope and joy to every child.

The systems, process and methods from the special learning school, evolved as vital tools to help college students learn important skills to make them employable. The methods and designs developed created a positive effect in the minds of students ensuring their successful placements in various establishments. Today we have about 34 colleges subscribe to our tailor made training modules and packages to help.

Our Success in colleges spread the news to SME's and MSME's who invited us to solve issues in Human Resource Development. We were called to address training and develop assessment tools and provide performance appraisal methods. We commenced working with labour intensive industries such as textiles, retail marketing, rural marketing, construction and food processing. Today we work with about 154 establishments at different levels in enhancing their Human Resource Development function.