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Sucess Stories
Developmental chart during previous 2 years

  • Started speaking appropriately to situations
  • Socialization has improved
  • Verbal expression has improved
  • There is dimension in sameness
  • Stated following rules when playing
  • Likes to come first in (Learnt to be competitive) local sports
  • Has learnt to give excuses to escape situations or work
  • Has focused interest in painting, dancing, swimming and yoga.
  • Likes to perform his talents (singing & dancing) on stage (in front of audience)
  • Mingles more 1 peers and sibling


Shweta Nayak
Student of Vidya Sagar (formerly spartic society of India) Kotturpuram Chennai.

From March 97, it was found that she had good academic potential. Shweta was a child with congenital disorder namely orthrograpposis. She did extremely well in her academics but had some attention difficulties. Her level of concentration increased over a period of time. She had difficulty in writing long paragraphs.
The physiotherapy department focused a lot on her hand function and communication department helped in speech therapy. Shweta was a shy child and got greatly attached to her class teacher. It was soon found that she needed to go to mainstream School both for academic progress and emotional growth.So she started attending AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School which is a neighborhood school of Vidya Sagar.  continue>>
She began with her II grade and had completed her VI grade in 2004.
Shweta joined helikx Special school in June 2004. She was again admitted into VI grade. She has improved in Visual and auditory learning style. She avoids spelling errors. She lacks clarity while reading fast. Her handwriting in legible. But lacks spatial orientation. She has good memory power but for long term she needs repetation. Her dress Sense in neat and good and is too shy and hesitant during group activity performance.
She has improved over the years after joining helikx school. In Dec 2006 in her 8th Std Examination. She scored 329/500 = 65% and in 10th std exam, she scored 393/500 = 78% in her first attempt. Now at present she is doing her Senior secondary course at National Institute of Open schooling based at Noida near Delhi. She is doing this course as a private student and Helikx school is a recognized NIOS coaching centre. Shweta has also done her part time computer course at NIIT like Microsoft office 2007. C programming, C++ with 70-80% grade.
Shweta had been acquiring about 60-70% in her academics. She had been doing all her written work by herself. She requires more time than others to complete her writing work. She is a child who likes to mingle only with small group of people. Shweta is perfect in her work. She likes to watch television and is very sensitive and possessive with her belonging.
Shweta has come a long way after joining vidya sagar then moving into AMM school, this has been possible because of her own determination and continuous from her mother. Her mother had been extremely cooperative and had been diligently following the progress for Shweta at home. She has been greatly responsible for shweta's progress. Shweta's mother contribution towards her overall development has been tremendous and she has totally committed herself in this regard. But for the mother's support such a progress would not have been possible for the child.