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Why Helikx ?

Tools and information to accelerate the development of people in your organization create compelling results and help the organization reach its objectives. Quickly identify performance and development needs. Identify your strongest employees and discover the next generation of leaders. Identify people in your organization who are best at evolving others. Discover best practices by comparing the performance of departments, locations and teams.

We adopt a systemized blended training approach because it

  1. Integrates employees with the development process
  2. Is customized to satisfy organizational needs
  3. Offers personalized & proactive training for individual needs
  4. Integrates learning methods & provides support forum
  5. Is simple for the management to administrate

Our method of blended training arise out of the learning challenge of how best to

  1. Convert theory to knowledge and then skill
  2. Utilize existing skills and experience
  3. Deal with prejudice, attitude, morale, behavior.

Why We ?

Our team consists of 11 facilitators and one mentor. We have conducted about 1200 programmes in India and having transacted with about 93,000 participants across many cultural, social, economical, educational, racial, religious differences. Our training approach and methods are updated and we reach and relate all the participants and our team will cater to every need and complexity of the participants.