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Corporate FAQ
It seems my boss is blind he doesn't look around and my sub - cordinates are deaf, never listen to me? what to do ?
Be polite, but formal. Don't show that his words affect you. Only speak as required for business purposes or in response to a direct question -- freeze up on him. If you can, don't be a doormat. Try not to get upset. Practice makes perfect! When your boss assigns you a task, find out its priority level and what your boss expects. This may not be easy. As he learns to trust you and feels that you understand his needs, he will become comfortable delegating more decision-making power to you. Just a click after enrolling yourself into Helikx.


Customer is asking the sky, we cannot produce, is this situation \you are in ?

Good customer service is especially important when it comes to handling customer complaints. But a complaint is a chance to show your commitment to your customers by providing a satisfactory resolution. They will know that while they may not always get what they want, you will work hard to provide them with a solution to their problem. And in customer service that is the most important thing you can do. Be proactive. Put things into perspective. You'll build your credibility when that's exactly what happens. Just a click after enrolling yourself into Helikx.


The market is not re - acting I introduced scheme, Road show, Distributors benefits no results, How to Over come ?
The Era of Product,Promotion,Price & Place are over. People are no more that ignorant. How can Road shows or any other promotion be result oriented unless we are not able to make people know all about the product we have and how far is it going to be relevant to their life.

Helikx brings you the concept of 'SIVA' . This can help you and guide you in bringing the results you were waiting for all the way.


I wish to train and create an internal pool of trainers is it possible with a reasonable cost ?

Training is an instrument to help the organization meet the twin challenges of continuous improvement and demands of change. It is therefore essential that it is delivered effectively. Thus, it is necessary to recognize the change in the role of the training from being a provider to a facilitator, the learning being the pivot. Hence we believe in building Quality in your people, through Teamwork. Feel free to take our skill oriented test. Just a click after enrolling yourself into Helikx.