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1. How can I improve my confidence level?
We provide the SWOC report for every participant. By going through the report one can improve the Strengths, iron out the Weaknesses, make the most of the Opportunities and find ways to face the Challenges.





2. Basically, I am a shy person. How will Helikx help me to move with people?
Helikx provides a behavioural test report and helps the person to project his / her personality. Moreover, the communication and inter-personal skills are honed to such a level that the person feels fully confident in handling any situation.





3. I have never been active in a classroom. Will I be able to change?
The classroom behaviour of any person depends on the attributes mentioned above, viz., communication and inter-personal skills. Hence, improving these skills will certainly change the way you approach your classroom.





4. I have trouble in preparing a good resume. Will you be able to help?
By the end of your session with us, you would have prepared your own resume, with your own inputs, presented in a much better way.





5. While many of my friends have been successful in Group Discussions and Interviews, I find them the hardest. Can I succeed?
Faring well in Group Discussions and Interviews is a matter of enhancing your communication skills and confidence. We shall bring out your latent talent and, in addition, bring you up-to-date on the latest trends so that you appear not only confident but knowledgeable as well.



1. How can I hold the attention of the class for long periods?
There are topics on `handling difficult students' and `classroom management'. These topics specifically address the shortcomings of faculty in managing the classroom effectively.





2. How do I handle students who seem to be different from others?
Learning styles of students vary from individual to individual. We help you to understand the diverse `learning styles' so that you can be effective with all.





3. Do I have to use presentation aids?
The various curriculums as well as the target student audience require different presentation skills. Some may be satisfied with basic aids like the board, other occasions may entail more sophisticated tools like Powerpoint, Slides, and Graphs and so on. Our chapter on `presentation' will guide you through this aspect.





4. How to handle weak and low attention students?
Our development modules contain topics like Modelling, Goal-setting and Empathising that are meant specifically for handling these types of students. By absorbing the ideas and putting those to work you can successfully handle any types of students.





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1.Some of the employees do not seem to concentrate on the job like others. How do I tackle this?
Some employees have the problem of not having the requisite balance between their work and home. They tend to think about home at work and vice versa. Our module on `work-life balance' tells you how to counsel these types of employees and make them work better.





2.How much is it necessary to identify the competency of an employee before assigning work?
By identifying the competency of an employee, it is possible to assign work that brings out the best results from that person. We help you to do that with our module on `competencies'.





3.Some employees do not get along with others. What do I do?
This is mostly ego clash or some wrong perception. The best way to tackle this is to bring the people together and make them thrash out their differences. With our module on `interpersonal skills', this task can be achieved.





4. Our customers do not like to interact with some of the employees. What is the solution?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important and integral aspect of any successful organisation. While it is difficult to assign different people to interact with each customer, it is necessary to inculcate the best behaviour in employees as customers constitute the most vital part of the organisation. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme gives you the necessary inputs in this regard.





5. What is the best way to ensure good etiquette in and out of the company?
Though there are many ways to go about this, the best method is to hold regular, periodical meetings with the employees. With added help from our module `business etiquette', these meetings will help them to air their views and facilitate the management to set right whatever needs to be and make the staff understand the views and goals of the management too.





1.I am not able to concentrate on the job. How do I overcome this problem?
Any person needs requisite balance between their work and home. Our modules not only help you identify the areas of your problems but enable you to rectify them also.





2.While I feel that I can do a particular job better, the management wants me to do some other job. What do I do?
This is the problem of not identifying `competencies'. Our programme will enable you to bring the best out of you, in consultation with your management.





3.How do I maintain good relationship with my colleagues?
Conflicts are present everywhere in life. With our `conflict management' module, you can strive for peace at work and also at home.





4.I feel that I do not possess adequate skills to do my job effectively. How can I improve?
We have many modules on various skills like `presentation', supervisory', `marketing', `selling', thinking', `problem solving', `decision making' and more. You can enhance your performance in multi-faceted ways by benefitting from these modules.